Helsinki Convention

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The Convention of 1974 and 1992 on the protection of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea area (Helsinki Convention).

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Protects the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution through intergovernmental cooperation between all contracting parties. 1. 2nd Volume of the HELCOM
Response Manual “Response to accidents at sea involving spills of hazardous substances and loss of packaged dangerous goods”.
This response manual provides operational information on response strategies and arrangements for assistance and cooperation between contracting parties regarding marine pollution incidents involving HNS. More specifically, it provides information on the behaviour of chemical substances once released in the marine environment, chemical spill monitoring, sampling, personal protection equipment, response actions and techniques for both bulk HNS releases and packaged goods lost in the marine environment and contains case histories of HNS incidents and classification of spills. This manual is updated on an ongoing basis.
2. 11/33 (1990) (and Guidelines for applying HELCOM Recommendation 11/13) – “Development of national ability to respond to spillages of oil and other harmful substances”.
3. 12/7 (1991) – “Special cooperation in case of a chemical tanker accident in the Baltic Sea”.